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Connect is founded, built on, and directed by its core values of Jesus, Modeling Jesus, Authenticity, Growth, Integrity and Community.


         Jesus. Celebrating, glorifying, and enjoying Jesus.



         Modeling Jesus. Reflecting Jesus as servant hearted leaders that  

         catalyze change, build Kingdom, and Disciple Nations. 





         Authenticity. Real faith, real life, in the real world. Choosing to live

         vulnerable and transparent lives.





Growth. Taking ownership for personal growth, proactively and intentionally

engaging the areas of life where Jesus is challenging us to change.





Integrity. Stewarding, being outstanding, and finishing well in our gifts, skills,

and abilities. Consistently choosing the higher (and sometimes) more costly

road in following Jesus.





Community. The container in which our values converge. We courageously

and authentically walk with each other to support, encourage, and hold each

other to account in our personal and corporate journeys.