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Connect effectively equips, activates, and launches its Members to influence society through its activation process. This is a four step process of collaboratively incubating ideas and thinking around strategies that catalyze Kingdom change. As these ideas are translated into activity Connect scales this work over multiple locations, and documents what we learn.


Connect incubates and grows communities of practice to glean effective principles that can be contextually applied, learn from professional and long term practitioners in the relevant sphere, and provide a space in which practitioners are mutually supported.

To view our different wikis go here: https://co-nnect.org/en/blog-details/5/incubator-wikis


Through our members Connect, implements a number of different projects, activities, non-profits, businesses that operate on Kingdom principles. Connect aims to be outstanding in its endeavors to deliver transformational change. Co-implementation is where we learn, refine, and grow effective structures that Disciple Nations.


Acceleration is the scale up of what we have learned and where we take projects or programs that are demonstrated to work into new locations or different contexts.


Connect disseminates our learning through a journal, podcasts, and events. Through each of these fora we build theory to explore practice and then document our learning, impact, mistakes, and breakthroughs for the wider community. 


co-think is a quarterly exploration of global issues that we will face in the next 50 years. What will be the answer to massive global migration in the 21st century as Calcutta and Dhaka dissappear beneath the water? What will artificial intelligence mean for economics and labor? When water runs out in a region who will be the geopolitical players that position for war? Connect is committed to exploring these questions by gathering experts, professionals, and those with a couple of decades experience to teach us about issues, be curious about the right areas of a topic and learn so we can be relevant and applicable to global needs. In 2017 we will be exploring issues that include environmental change and failed states.