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Connect effectively supports, resources, networks, and collaborates as a community of Members who desire to be a people who thrive. These foundations are critical for developing effective servant leadership that fulfils potential and sustains influence over the long term. 


Connect supports its Members in what they do by providing training, tools, coaching and mentoring throughout the year through its annual conference, Connect Course, Organizational Leadership structure, training, virtual communication platforms, and the Activation Process.


Connect believes that all that we do flows out of who we are. co-life is a department of Connect that oversees the development and stewardship of our Members’ wellbeing. This is provided by supporting its Members by providing holistic pastoral care, counseling, support, and when required facilitates ongoing access to professional help for individuals and families. Connect also provides support in or referral to a range of practical, spiritual, and cultural adjustment services to ensure that our Members thrive and are effective in the locations they work. 

support, encouragement, accountability

Support, Encouragement, and Accountability (SEA) is the bedrock of how our community builds a healthy foundation for effective work. We do this by providing positive and constructive Timely Specific Feedback (TSF) to those we walk alongside, and in the context of relationship strive for personal ownership and growth. 

micro community

Micro-community (MC) is the face-to-face geographical community in which our Members Connect. Leadership support on the ground is provided. Connect values are lived out or operationalized in the context of the wider community. 



Many Connect Members have further resourcing outside of the direct provision of Connect as a community, but within the wider family of our partnering organizations. This includes potential mentoring relationships (constellations), Go There Groups, and coaches hired for specific projects or purposes. 

local church life

Connect encourages its Members to also connect with the local church body because Connect is only one small representation of the Kingdom. We are commanded to worship with our brothers and sisters in Christ. Wider community relationships provide a healthy way to remain grounded and aware of God’s work across his people.

family & friends

A further foundational component of support for healthy and effective agency is the network our Members have evolved from a home church or extended family and friends to support them practically, spiritually, emotionally, physically, and financially.