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Connect is an international and interdenominational organization established to disciple nations with the teachings of Jesus. We follow Jesus and seek to apply His teaching to every aspect of life whether it be in the world of business, or government, in education, or caring for the sick, planting churches, or rescuing street kids. Connect is about seeing the purposes of God unleashed through His people, building the Kingdom of God, and impacting society by launching, equipping, and sustaining individuals, families, and communities to see their God-given potential released.


Connect was established in 1987 in Hong Kong by a team of individuals wanting to work cross-culturally in business and education in China. Over the following 10-15 years the organization grew and had established several businesses, non-profits, and was involved in providing teachers and students to a number of universities across China and Mongolia. In 2006 the organization moved its registration to the US and continued to expand its work in several new countries across South East Asia, the Middle East and Africa. Today Connect is present in nine countries with its members working as teachers, artists, NGO staff, business people, or foster home professionals etc. in a range of diverse industries that spans from music to agriculture, coffee to primary school development.


Discipled Nations. Connect's vision is to see nations discipled by Jesus' teachings.

We envision a world where every person has been impacted by the message of Jesus and presented with the opportunity to understand who He is and be able to choose to follow Him. 

We are driven by a vision to see communities, provinces, nations, and regions transformed by the person of Jesus’ because we believe that He and His Word are profoundly relevant to the unique issues of our 21st Century and globalized world.

We dream of nations where family, church, education, business, the arts, government, communications, science and technology, are positively influenced through the transformational lives of Jesus followers.



Connect works toward this vision by launching, equipping, and sustaining people to effectively Disciple Nations.

We connect our members to community to provide support, encouragement, and accountability, to help each individual grow, nurture their gifts, and fulfill their potential. 

We connect our members to their purpose by activating them through resourcing and training and launch servant leaders that influence the world.



Connect is founded, built on, and directed by its core values of Jesus, Modeling Jesus, Authenticity, Growth, Integrity and Community.


         Jesus. Celebrating, glorifying, and enjoying Jesus.



         Modeling Jesus. Reflecting Jesus as servant hearted leaders that  

         catalyze change, build Kingdom, and Disciple Nations. 





         Authenticity. Real faith, real life, in the real world. Choosing to live

         vulnerable and transparent lives.





Growth. Taking ownership for personal growth, proactively and intentionally

engaging the areas of life where Jesus is challenging us to change.





Integrity. Stewarding, being outstanding, and finishing well in our gifts, skills,

and abilities. Consistently choosing the higher (and sometimes) more costly

road in following Jesus.





Community. The container in which our values converge. We courageously

and authentically walk with each other to support, encourage, and hold each

other to account in our personal and corporate journeys.






Connect is run by a team based in South East Asia. This team provides training, resourcing, and care for Connect Members. Direction, support, input and accountability to the Executive Director and staff are provided by an eldership team. Throughout the year, ongoing training, mentoring, coaching, and counseling is provided to Connect Members through on site visits and our annual conference. Each Member is placed in a geographic ‘Micro-Community’ (MC) and pastorally cared for by an MC leader. Members also engage one-on-one accountable relationships for mutual support and encouragement.


Connect as an organization is connected with Growth Dynamics International (GDI) who provide oversight and support to the leadership team. GDI is a relational family of projects, churches, ministries, non-profits, business owners and politicians based out of North America. Connect also receives professional care and support from Cerny Smith and Member Care International through direct site visits and support throughout our annual conference. 

With these structures and support systems in place Connect has intentionally cultivated an environment for its Members to thrive and receive the ongoing professional services they need to continue to be effectively equipped and activated. Connect has crafted a system of accountability with checks and balances that provide healthy incubation for the organization and its Members.

statement of faith

Connect is a international and interdenominational organization that is primarily focused on building a culture informed and shaped by the word of God. We believe and follow the essential components of evangelical faith and a full statement can be downloaded here.

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Over the last 30 years Connect members have invested across Asia, the Middle East, and Africa in education, business, family, the arts, church, and communcations. In this time we have started work in new locations, been honored and recognized for our work, and seen transformation in communities across the region.


June 1987

Connect is founded in Hong Kong in 1987 with a mandate to "disciple nations through business and education". After a group of individuals have struggled to find ways to access certain locations a different strategy is deployed. Connect leaves its parent organization to develop long term ministry that expresses real faith, in real life, that is relevant to the real world.

June 1992

By the early 1990s Connect has teams in remote and difficult locations across Asia amidst a season of massive geo-political change. This enables Connect to expand into Central Asia and Mongolia. Non traditional forms of activity are engaged in business and non profit work.

January 1999

In the late 1990's Connect's founders move on and leave the organization to an emergent crop of new leadership. Connect embraces a wider 'spheres' based perspective of discipling nations. Connect now has members serving and working in a range of organizations, businesses, non-profits and ministires that span orphan and family care, business, travel and tourism, music and art etc.


January 2005

Connect begins a formal relationships with Growth Dynamics International for oversight, support and help with leadership and organizational development. There is consequently increasing change in the organization. By the mid 1990's Connect transitions to a third season of leadership with many of its older leaders continuing to disciple and tranform the communities in which they have been deployed. 

August 2012

Connect begins to grow into several new countries as a number of new emerging leaders take root and influence locations, regions and communties. Connect by the middle of this decade is working in 9 countries discipling and impacting people across Asia, the Middle East and Africa. 

January 2018

Connect experiences a crisis within its leadership structure, however through humility and reconcilation was able to course correct through God's grace and remember its roots and mission. Consequently a change in leadership takes place which sees a fresh re-awakening of Connect's vision and heart in missions. 

June 2021

Connect successfully sustains itself through the Covid-19 pandemic, and sees a full retention of its members continuing to serve in their ministry of location. Connect also welcomes a new cohort of members into the fold through the Connect Course, as we prepare to launch, equip and sustain its workers into nine countries across Asia, Middle East and North Africa.